Friday, December 14, 2012

12:43 PM

Since decade ago, Google has started event decoration in Google search engine. If someone search for [hanukkah] or [dreidel] or [menorah] or other Hanukkah related search queries, Google will display you some decorations in the search engine result page.

I have also seen these kinds of decoration in last year, so they decided to reprocess and go the green direction.


Google Hanukkah Jewish Stars


Google Chanukah Decorations 2010

There is another event called Festivus pole and now I am waiting for Christmas and Kwanza decorations. Let see what happen.

Festivus Decoration

The name "Hanukkah" derives from the Hebrew verb "חנך", meaning "to dedicate". On Hanukkah, the Jews regained control of Jerusalem and rededicated the Temple
Chanukah Decorations

Adam Sandler - Original Hanukkah Song Video