Monday, December 17, 2012

4:23 AM

Solid Sign Of A Google Algorithm Update On December 13, 2012:

Last weekend I visited at WebmasterWorld thread for searching some SEO update then I look at some ongoing chatter about recently updates since December 10th but on 13 December 2012 that conversation took up a bit, which may interest there was an Google update yesterday.

Personally, not at all I heard before from Google on December 10th report but I will send email to Google again about this particular report. I got someone liners from the WebmasterWorld thread from 13,December 2012.
  • Decline 40% compared to 13 Dec 2012. No changes on my side.
  • Traffic fall by about 10% compared to last week
  • I am looking a nice growth in rankings and traffic. Started yesterday.
  • Today's number 1 for my main two-word key term doesn't have the exact term on the site.
  • Like always, some winners and losers.

After reading this statistic, there is only one has updated so far and it as MozCast displaying a pretty large charge yesterday but after searching I got SERP Metrics and also display sign of an Google update.

13 December 2012 mozcast thursday

I got the mail from Google, it was telling that this is not Google Panda but they are going to dig deeper and let me know if it was something else.

Had someone observed a change in their ranking or traffic?