Monday, December 24, 2012

12:33 PM

Google's Christmas Logo Hurtful To Christians?

Google is showing a Google Logo, aka Doodle, for the vacation season this morning. The Google logo is looking is incredibly happy, cheerful and festive with many of colors and Christmas like characters and activities within the logo that makes up the letters in Google’s name. Here it is:

Google's Christmas Logo Hurtful To Christians

This new Google Logo can be seeing worldwide today, December 24th, on Christmas Eid. When I opened the Google Australia, where it is already Christmas day, over there I can’t see the special holiday logo for Christmas. Perhaps Google will surprise us?

When you take your mouse cursor over the Google logo or click on the logo, then Google say I “Happy Holidays” not “Merry Christmas”. I have seen that Google doesn’t say “Merry Christmas” as fought to “Happy Holidays” in the logo.

Google's Christmas Logo Hurtful To Christians1

When you open Google Norway then you can see the Google Logo and saying Merry Christmas. For instance: Google Norway says: "God Jul fra Google!" which means Merry Christmas from Google.

Google Norway Christmas Logo 2012

One user complaint to Google for ignoring Google Logo in Google Australia search engine after that Google replied to complainer in the Google Web Search Help forums,
Thanks for the feedback. The Google Doodles are intended to make people smile and I'm sad to hear that this is severely upsetting the folks on this thread, even to the point of believing that this is "destroying the Christmas spirit." We're happy to pass along the feedback to the Doodlers.
Update: Google published a Google logo for Christmas day on Google Australia after several hours: