Saturday, December 8, 2012

1:09 PM

Google Video: How To Confirm Webmaster Tools With HTML Meta Tag 

Google Webmaster Tool
As already all know that if you want to improve your site then setting of Google Webmaster Tools is compulsory requirement for SEOs. There are five methods which you use for verify you are the owner with Google Webmaster Tools and all methods are unbelievably easy.

Maile Ohye is the developer programs Tech Lead at Google. She created a four+ minute video on how to confirm your website with Google Webmaster Tools via the HTML Meta Tag method! In this video she guide you how to do it with that ways in four minutes video.

I have concern that most of you can learn from this but there are several beginner do it yourself peoples out there than can use this much elaborated rehearsal to verify their sites in Google.

There is also this help document on the subject.