Friday, December 14, 2012

4:07 AM

You Can't Block Website on Google Search Result
Website Blocked
Now you can’t block any websites or blogs from displaying in the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) outcomes no more time works.

I have also seen the first report which was came out a week ago through Google Web Search Help where Kousha, said that "this was a known issue a while back." Good, it still looks to be an issue.

I attempt to duplicate it and I was able to two various ways.

First, as everyone used the blocking sites option through Google search engine but this morning when I searched something then I realized that Google removed the blocking sites option.

Second, when the first option didn’t work correctly then I went directly to blocked websites search setting, added to the list and hold a minute or two.

Google Blocked Search Result

I then looked for [flowers] and the first outcome was

Google Blocked Search Result Broken

Notice: Nothing personal against the website in the screenshot. Just a test, which I removed from the blocked list. 

Before 2012, I had seen the bug where you were unable to o unblock blocked sites – that doesn’t work but you can no more time block sites in Google.