Saturday, January 19, 2013

12:00 PM

Everyone should know that SEO is extremely significant component of blogging and all blogger owners must provide all stuffs and give importance to SEO to make blog successful and better. I have seen that several blogger don’t have SEO checklist but all bloggers should have separate SEO checklist and if you are not aware of SEO name then you can also think about SEO services for you site or blog. Everyone should keep track all the crucial facts of SEO and check out that all website links are working correctly.

I am sharing you few useful online tolls which will assists you to check all the crucial factors of search engine optimization. These tools are free of cost and instant to use.


Quarkbase is one of the most famous SEO tool. It provide you all the significant data and information about any kind if websites like traffic statistics, Social Media, most popular website pages of the site and various more important attributes. So when you get the chance to gather all the important statistics about your rival’s websites then Quarkbase is built for you.

Quarkbase Tool

Majestic SEO:

This tool is very simple and useful for your site. Everyone knows that backlinks are the blood for your site and it play a vital role in SEO of any website. Majestic SEO assists you to find the backlinks of website that too rapidly and easily. That tool provides you a systematic report containing backlinks statistics like edu, gov and nofollow and so on.

MajesticSEO Tool

Keyword Density Checker:

There are plenty keyword density checker tool available but no one gives you appropriate information about your keywords but Keyword Density Checker tool by iWebtool can help you to check the keywords show on your site along with spy your rivals website also. It provides you plenty SEO tool options such as Google Banned Checker, Google PageRank Prediction and Multi-Rank Checker.

Keyword Density Checker Tool

W3C Linkchecker:

W3C link checker tool is extremely significant for your site because it provide you detail programming information’s about your website either your site coding are good or not OR yeah, it is always suggested that your website should not have any broken links because it revokes both audiences as well as search engines. Most important thing is you always track your site because if you don’t track your site so how you track your broken links. This tool really helps you to check the broken links of your website that too for inexpensive.

W3C Linkchecker Tool

Online Webcheck:

Now last but not least, OnlineWebCheck tool gives you HTML problems of your websites which can damage your SERP. It gives you instant review of your HTML or XHTML problems of your website and do provide a concise solution for similar.

Online Webcheck Tool
After use these tools then let me know that you prefer to use such online SEO tools - Yes or Not?