Monday, January 7, 2013

4:20 AM

Google Meta Title Limit

Google take out another algorithm for SEOs, I don’t know can I called this new Google algorithm? But this is very sensitivity issue for SEOs. This time is Meta Title tag; it shows the title tag length in the Google search results is not inevitably judged by the number of characters but the width of all the characters together.

Chris Tuner wrote blog posts on Meta title and older posts from a year or so ago from SEOmofo.

He said that it’s not about the number characters of Meta Title but width in pixels of those characters together.

Now, question is how long can it go? Figures are about 584 pixels wide, which can be over 107 characters.

Google Meta Title Characters
If you want to measure your Meta title tag character then use the SEOmofo bookmarklet tool, that tool does the counting for you.

Now I understand that why Google shies away from giving a specific number of characters on the title tag. It’s not about number characters but what is best way to find the accurate characters, Simple search out.