Thursday, January 10, 2013

2:58 AM

Official Site Myth: Google Panda Avoid Penalties For "Official" Websites

Original Website
Have you heard that the people started a rumor and myth without any proper statistics and information? Now today, I am sharing you another myth that is your site "official" or "original" of commodity A or on the subject of B. By doing so, the myth is that you will get away Google’s Panda algorithm because it seems for unofficial sites to injury.

There is a HighRanking Forum thread which a folk was taking about site "official" or "original" a person who listen from other person that maybe if you had an official site, it would not get donged by Panda. Furthermore, how does Google know which website is business site and which is not. Can anyone put the words official on the web site to trick Google?

See where I am going?

The reality is Google knows everything either its official brand and not. It knows that link structure a brand website will have equated to those reselling those brands. I think this stuff is not relating with Penguin or Panda. And official or non-official logo on the website won’t matter because most of the websites don’t have an official label on their sites.