Friday, March 8, 2013

4:30 AM

SAPE Link Network - Russain Company

I have heard some rumors which are drifting around the search engine optimization (SEO) industry currently, now readers are asking me about rumors. Google has demolished yet another link network - SAPE links, a link network that I’ve frankly never heard of.

But because of this development, all SEOs are worried because if they completely target this network then it will end up jeopardizing all SEO ranking systems currently in place. Now question which arises is, if anyone is using SAPE links from this moment on, are they being penalized and downgraded in their search engine position over the last 24 hours or so?

We have tons of threads that detail this phenomenon of reduction in Google rankings by many SEO specialists. In some forums we came across, especially Black Hat SEO forums, the users are leaving many complaints about this matter. Users are leaving no stone unturned in saying that these recent developments were reducing their search engine ranking due to SAPE links.

Black Hat World and Black Hat Group both agreed to look at the reasons behind the reduction in rankings in Google search engine yesterday. It is because they too agree on this dangerous trend of this development since they also have a dozen links from SAPE links.

However, others users are not convinced if it is particular to SAPE or some other link network.

One thing is for sure. I am 100% sure there is something going on since we can’t see any updates in our Google algorithms. It does look like it is targeted towards particular link networks that end up being penalized and the websites/ webmasters that utilize them.

I am providing a list of threads that are continuously complaining about their rankings falling at Google WebmasterHelp. There is a tweet from a month before from Matt Cutts that kind of supports this observation. SAPE links is a Russian base link network company

Google Matt Cutt On SAPE Links