Thursday, March 28, 2013

12:11 AM

54% Say Google Indexes New Sites Within A Week

Couple of months earlier we queried you how long does it generally take Google to index a new site?

Google is all about quickness, from their index to their crawlers, they really want new, relevant and original content in their index right away. So how long does it actually take Google to index a new site?

Well, without Google telling us. I asked SEOs and webmasters what they thought. Here are the results...

New Sites Get Indexed Within:
  • 54% said within a week
  • 30% said within a day
  • 12% said within a month
  • 3% said within 3 months
  • 1% said longer than 3 months
Google New Website Index Poll

Of course, lots of it is hooked on the type of site, content and quality. But this is nice to see from the vision of the SEO and webmaster community.

We had approximately 500 responses on this poll as well.