Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2:51 AM

Google's Final Manual Panda Refresh Here? #25

Google Panda 25 Update

After the indication to a Google update being rolled out on 14 March 2013 afternoon into 15 March 2013 morning. The opinion across the SEO forums is that this is the fresh Panda refresh or Update we were waiting to look this weekend.

Matt said that we should wait to look a update of Google Panda once this Friday or Monday. It looks like the Panda refresh began really 14 March afternoon and is proceeding to spread to throughout now..

I have seen conversations which were running in WebmasterWorld thread and over there, SEOs and webmasters claiming positions varies for better or worse. Now, I gonna show you some instances:

Is there an update happening? we're down maybe 40% or so since few hours ago.
 I'm seeing some movement for my main keyword, go Panda go.
 I'm seeing signs of a Panda update here in the UK. Or Panda everflux. That's going to kill the update talk somewhat isn't it...
I have also got various emails and feedback about a existing Google Panda Refresh/Update.

Google has not yet confirmed this update, nor do I assume them to confirm it since Matt Cutts also said that the future Panda updates will be more rolling updates.

This may be the final manual Panda refresh we brief - Panda #25 - pleasant.

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