Wednesday, March 6, 2013

11:51 AM

Advertorial Spam = 11 Day Google Penalty For Interflora

Interflora Logo
Last two weeks ago I had read that Interflora was penalized for advertorial link spam by Google. What did that outcome in? Just an 11 day Google penalty. Think about these 11 days.

Matt McGee first person who recognized the Interflora’s bring back in Google after a short period of time out session by Google.

Probably, Interflora was able to convince all the UK newspapers to rid of all advertorials spam and submitted a reconsideration request. If you are small webmaster owners then it’s not possible but if you giant then everything is possible.
Now search their name [Interflora] displays they regenerate position.

Interflora Come Back Google

Naturally, this conducts various SEOs to conceive bigger brands can really get off with things that small brands can’t.