Friday, March 1, 2013

11:03 AM

Google Web Spam 24 For 7

In Google’s new How Search Works, Google is showing real live examples of spam that has been recently removed from their search index.

Most of these examples are of real spam, while Danny talked about in his write up named Google Charts “Manual Actions” Against Spam in Search for First Time. And most of the examples are spam pulled from the index within the past hour or possibly even longer.

You can see them live over here but note; several the instances give could be toxic. Google warns users, “These screenshots are produced automatically and are not manually filtered. Although uncommon, you may see offensive, sexually explicit, or violent content.

Google told us that these instances are of natural spam pages that “appear to utilize forceful spam approaches such as automatically generated gibberish, cloaking and scraping content from different websites” and were just lately removed from their index.

Here are few instances:

Google Phone Spam:

Phone Spam By Google

Google Pay Day Loan Spam:

Pay Day Loan Spam By Google

Google Drug Spam:

Drug Spam By Google

Google Watch Spam:

Watch Spam By Google

Even Cat In the Hat Spam:

Even Cat In the Hat Spam

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