Friday, April 12, 2013

1:25 PM

Bump for iPhone loses iTunes music sharing 

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Bulge for iOS has simply get an update from its developers , taking the app to version 3.5.8 with a few slight but sensitive changes . Bump 3.5.8 iOS App has stopped being able to access iTunes audio files on the iOS Device , eliminating this function from file sharing area too.

Bump iOS App
As we normally know , Bump is a really intelligent and amazing app which yeps us to share things by simply bumping two phones collectively , but not hardware . The app operates like magic , just open-up the app , grasp down your magical phones and , softly bump your hands all together , that’s all ; Now , Bump will begin its magical and do the remaining of the things.

Bump is not only suitable to transfer files from phone to phone but , It can yet sync with your pc by using the bumping Space Bar . When installed , delight in the bumping experience by sharing contacts , photos , files and above all , sync these stuffs among variety of devices.

As I mentioned earlier , Bump is now kept in access iTunes audio files and share them as obligated by Apple.But, If you are looking to use this iTunes audio file sharing feature , please stay away from this update. On top of that , typical bug fixes are made to this remarkable app .You can download Bump 3.5.8 for iOS via the download button below.