Friday, April 12, 2013

2:09 PM

iOS 6 Jailbreak

Keep in mind the good old days , in iOS 5, whenever you could hear a video’s audio in the background on your gadget while multitasking ? All you needed to do was dual tap the Home button , swipe to the left to disclose the iPod controls , and push Play.

Nevertheless for a few reason , Apple run-down this feature in iOS 6, departing us without a indigenous approach to do things like listen to YouTube videos in Safari though texting or browsing Twitter . But the good thing is , we’ve come across a super easy way to get it back…

Safari Video For iOS 6

 Before we begin , I want you to try something .Open Safari ( or Chrome ) , navigate to YouTube .com , and play a video .Now stop the video , shut the app ,double tap your Home button , swipe to the left and press Play . Did it work ? No ? Ok , let’s move .

Ways To Enable Background Audio In iOS 6:
  1. Launch Cydia and access the Manage Tab.
  2. Direct to Sources > Edit > Insert and place the following repo as a source.
  3. After the Repo is integrated , Reach the Search tab and search for a Cydia Package known asBgVideo” and Deploy it straight away .
  4. When applied , Re-Spring your iDevice and Love your gorgeous iOS with background music .
I could simply validate this operates with Safari and Chrome , but I’m sure it works with other browsers too. And while I only tried it with YouTube’s mobile website , the developer claims that it’s appropriate for all sites that play videos by QuickTime .