Monday, April 8, 2013

1:56 PM

Google Matt Cutts Ranking Decline

Google’s chief of search spam , Matt Cutts published a video detailing why it is certainly not strange to see a brand new page rank perfectly in Google early on , and then , that position reduces after a while.

Matt clarifies that occasionally , Google has a difficult time determining the authentic star source of the latest piece of content . But after some time , i .e . , days , weeks , months , Google is better able to discover the most relevant outcome for a search due to indexing more indicators ultimately . Hence , over time , the search results may reduce to a particular state ; but at the beginning , new pages may rank top and lose their rankings over time.

Particular queries that deserve freshness , that is where QDF – Query Deserves Freshness derives from . New queries choose more evergreen , more settled content , Matt describes.