Thursday, April 18, 2013

2:19 PM

Pictures Of The First People To Purchase Google Glass

Google Glass Open
 As we revealed , Google Glass Discoverers ( the initially non Googlers to can easily buy Google Glass ) are now being able to begin choosing their pair of Google Glass , as a way of who joined first . I am component of the second batch , so I do not know exactly when I will be getting mine.

However , the following are pictures from Google Glass Explorers selecting and unboxing their Google Glass.

The image above is of a Googler named Amanda Rosenberg who is keeping the "We're Open" mark for Google Glass . What a fantastic day for all the Googlers involved in Glass.

Listed below are pictures from Arthur Van Hoff unboxing his Google Glass at the Mountain View Google office.

Google Glass Unboxing
Google Glass Unboxing1
Google Glass Unboxing2
Google Glass Unboxing3

Let me share an image from Arthur where he takes a photo of somebody else with Google Glass with his Google Glass .

Boy Wearing Google Glass

And here is 10 minute video unboxing by Dan McLaughlin: