Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3:23 AM

Google Glass Tech Specs Brought Out, Comes With A Day Battery Life & Much More!

Google Glass Girl Wearing

Google has shared a few technology features of its wearable computing product, Google Glass. The huge firm basically posted these specification grids on their help centre and it’s quite exceptionally sufficient.

Google Glass is loaded ahead of two additional and flexible notepads in a frame which is said to place on any face, not problem its round or square. As well as that, Glass is showcasing a high resolution display of 640×360 which is similar to a 25-Inch High Definition screen far from eight feet.

Using its Camera, Google Glass is said to have a 5MP shooter for filming photographs and will be capable of capture 720p videos. Glass will produce and draw in audio while Bone Conduction Transducer and will support 802 .11b/g Wi-Fi along with the typical Bluetooth support. Tummy-wise , This remarkable glass is included with 16GB of Flash Memory where 12GB is 100% useful and can also be synced and shared with Google Cloud Storage namely Google Drive .

Below comes the core query, what’s the battery life? You guys will kill me, if I point out just an hour. Google Glass will last one full day of normal utilize but yet a few benefits like Hangouts, Video Recording can improve the flow of battery, swiftly. But, don’t be anxious you’ll get a Micro USB cable and charger inside the box to reload this wearable device. Google endorses to use the local Glass USB for a long and prosperous life.

Filling relating its compatibility, it’s totally suitable for any Bluetooth-capable phone to work with. And a new “MyGlass” app for Android 4 .0 .3 and afterwards Devices is included in the specification grid which will allow GPS and SMS support for the Glass.