Sunday, April 21, 2013

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How to Halt Monitoring My Own Blogger Page Views?

Stop Blogger Page Views
Blogger gives you an internal statistics tracking resource that delivers you the most complete information regarding your visitors. It retains monitor of your visitors and gives in-depth information about the total number of page views, the OS they are utilizing, the traffic source and so forth. Given that, moreover it monitors your page views, therefore will get complicated to determine how many visitors or page views your blog is generating. Hence, if you would like to Halt Monitoring your own Page views in Blogger Stats then in the following paragraphs, we are going to show you how to Stop Monitoring your own Page views in blogger?

Why you should Stop Tracking Your own Page views?

Being a site entrepreneur, you could visit your site more frequently could be 20 to occasions daily and in the course of the visit you might perform a huge selection of page views yourself. Given that, Blogger retains track of all visitors it may also include your views in the traffic stats. Because of this, you may be struggling to know the authentic efficiency of your blog. As an example, your site has 5000 views per day out of which 2000 views are yours, so the authentic visitors are just 3000. Now you can observe the major difference in your authentic traffic.

The Initial thing you must do is always to login into your Blogger account. After signing in, from the control panel check out your blog >> statistics >>summary. At this point on the correct aspect of your screen, slightly below the page views stats pick the “Don't monitor your own page views” link and proceed to the next move.

Don't Track Your Blogger PageViews

An alternative screen is going to pop out requesting you in case you want to track your personal page views or otherwise not. At this point merely check the box next to the “Don't monitor your own page views” and press the save button to complete the complete process. Right now, Blogger would likely stop tracking your own views until or if you do not clear your browser cookies or tried out to reach your site with different browsers.

Don't Track Your Blogger PageViews Setting

We hope this hint might provide help to in getting rid of your views from your blog. Nonetheless, you can even try Google Analytics for tracking because it is the most correct monitoring service. If anyone has the best possible hint for monitoring visitors then, you should not hesitate to provide your opinion below.