Thursday, May 30, 2013

4:46 AM

Selena Gomez Got Verified Mark On Facebook

Have you ever gotten a friend request from real Selena Gomez? Now you will know that which is Real or Fake, Thanks to a Facebook for adding this new feature in account: That’s a verified pages.

Similar verified accounts on Twitter, verified FB pages will now show a small blue right mark beside their owner’s name on the social network ( Facebook and Twitter). One more thing is that check mark will also show while searching something over social networking sites, likes anywhere else on Facebook when it seems.

Facebook Verified Pages

Similar Twitter verified accounts but problem is in Facebook the verified mark will not be offered to everyone like Twitter account. Verified accounts will be particularly available to those who have mass audience and namely, celebrities, government officials, popular brands and some journalists.

This Verified Facebook Pages and profiles new feature pushed out on Wednesday.

Now tell me about this news feature? Are you exciting Facebook and Twitter is verifying the legitimacy of few accounts? Share your thoughts in the comments

TipTechNews composite, Image via iStockphoto, ilbusca Verified account image courtesy, Facebook