Friday, May 31, 2013

1:56 AM

Google Matt Cutts Advertorials

Second last day of this month (May), Google head of department of search spam, The Matt Cutts places a video on Google stance on utilizing advertorials in a way to control Google search results.

Everyone have mind and as you can think, if you want to use advertorials link in your website or blog and those advertorials have backlinks to your website or blog – you should change into nofollow tag rather than dofollow or Google can take legal action against your website or blog.

Second month of year (February), a massive flowered company was published over advertorials links. And now Matt Cutt is making it very clear by posting Google guideline on it, now, advertorials backlinks are not useful, according to me. Everyone knows that this is shortcut of getting PageRank and backlinks easily.

Google Advertorial Guidelines

There are several peoples saying that what about video content and its marketing? The most significant thing is product placement in Video clip don’t control Google algorithm, at least not now.