Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3:33 AM

Google On How To Avoid Adwords Ad Reject

Google Adwords Rejected

Charvi representative of Google Adwords support, was saying that how to avoid Google Adowrds ad reject\disapproval's.

Google shared some tips and also published two videos with suggestions on this topic. The following are the four tips:
  1. In first step he mentioned about website that act for all users no matter which web browser, location or device.
  2. Second step is your ad can’t lead to a site that is under construction or an error page.
  3. When you create your ad then you should remember the landing page which match your domain of your ad display URL; for instance, if the site your advertising uses "," your display URL must also contain ""
  4. In every ad group, you should have only one display URL domain

As I mentioned earlier about videos, now it’s time to show you two video which was published by Google Adwords support.

How To Fix Display URL Issues In Your Ads

How To Fix Destination URL Issues In Your Ads