Friday, May 31, 2013

11:33 AM

How Google Authorship decreased jitbit Website traffic by 90% 


Am I saying right?

Nearly all single SEO blog on this earth (including Moz, Copyblogger and other etc etc.) has composed a content about why “ Google Authorship” is so bang-up and why everyone should “arrogate” it correct now. In a nutshell – because after you linked up your Google+ profile with your site or blog there will be a little image displaying up next to your site or blog in Google search outcomes (AKA “the SERP” – “Search engine results page”).

Thousands and Millions of webmasters have return back their corpse G+ profiles and linked their pages with their G+ accounts expecting to ameliorate their CTR (click-through rates). Including, jitbit . But it round out, it’s not that easy.

He said that he observed this when Google shipped him an alert a warning that his traffic abruptly declined. He observed his authorship displayed up for a particular site blog post in the Google search outcomes. He also said folk were touching on the number 2 outcomes, not the number one outcome because of might be his “foolish not attractive face” (indicating the author).

Matt Cutt also mentioned on hacker’s site that this is stupid thing because author rank is not impossible for declining traffic. It may be Penguin algorithm.

Matt wrote in a Hacker News thread:
Authorship had nothing to do with this site's drop. The site has been affected by our Penguin webspam algorithm and that accounts for the drop.
Authorship markup launched before Google+ was even available to the outside world.
Then he was defending the role of Google+ but why he was defending G+ rather than search spam.