Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7:23 AM

Google Glass Accessories

Either you think that the idea of Google Glass is weird or you’re simply a die heart fan of it. The fact remains the same, Google’s pair of augmented reality glasses is the most talked-about product in the world of technology, and it’s growing every passing day.

Do you think that adding new apps in your favorite social networks – and the single idea of wearable gadget – would really make any difference that wearing Google Glass makes you look a little nerdy?

Just like many other cool Smartphone’s and fascinating cases, here are some of the cool Google Glass accessories that will make you look a little weird. Let’s hope wearing Google Glass doesn't come to this.

Deely Boppers:

Deely Boppers Glass
image via iStockphotomariana579

Joke Lenses:

Joke Lenses
image via iStockphotojtyler


Leopard Skin

Laser Pointer:

Google Glass Mashable Laser Pointer
image via iStockphotorailelectropower


Google Glass Mashable Tiara
image via iStockphotoalexandrayurkina

Automated Lens Wipers:

Google Glass Mashable Lens Wipers
image via iStockphotoGoldenCreations

Nose and Moustache:

Google Glass Mashable Disguise
image via iStockphotooriba

Bunny Ears:

Bunny Ears
image via iStockphototoos

Lens Beads:

Google Glass Mashable Pearl Earrings

Bluetooth Earpiece:

Google Glass Mashable Bluetooth
Image via iStockphotobedo