Thursday, May 16, 2013

11:10 PM

Google To Soften The Panda Algorithm

So I discussed few mints before , Matt Cutts told us that ten SEO transforms coming to Google by the end of this summer season . Amongst those variations is slightly softening the influence of the Panda algorithm for websites which might be in the "gray area" or perhaps "border" of to be impacted by the Panda algorithm.

Matt Cutts , Google's head of search spam , said 5 minutes and 3 seconds into the video that Google is putting extra indications to check out further quality metrics that may decrease the impact of the Panda algorithm for those websites in the gray area . This is with a warning!

Here is the transcript:
We are looking at Panda and seeing if we can find some additional signals, and we think we've got some to help refine things for sites that are kind of in the border zone, the gray area a little bit, And so if we can soften the affect a little bit, for those sites, that we believe have got some additional signals of quality, that will help sites that were previously affected - to some degree.

The question is, what "degree" will these websites look an advantage in ranking after the Panda algorithm is softened for them? That is the big issue.

After that I took the screen shot of Matt’s Matt's facial expression when he said that and look what I mean? Would be possible this impact blast your site or just a very soft impact on those who have been impacted by Panda? I am doubtful.

Nevertheless it will likely be attractive to follow and look at what happens over the after that couple of months.

Matt apparently said the Panda algorithm will be softened for a few but the issue is, how much so?