Monday, May 20, 2013

11:55 PM

Punishment By To For User-Generated Spam

Google Slaps Sprint For Spammy Community Forum

Today, I am totally shock that another giant fish to be penalized by Google. Sprint is the brand which penalized by Google, it is largest U.S. wireless provider.

I reviewed the Google Webmaster Help thread and I knew that over there Sprint representative asking questions about their site penalty. I think nobody know the Sprint company representative, has Kent Van Deusen the sprint website support has Kent Van Deusen and he asking where is this "user-generated spam" on I think most companies are happy to hear that news because competitors are start getting business from their site, before you get all mad that is penalized and banned from Google, halt. They are not.

This is also happened is past with Mozilla's penalty and the BBC penalty. All three of these websites had/have very gritty penalties. If all of you know that in the Mozilla and BBC case, there is only particular one page was penalized and out of all their millions and billions of pages.

With Sprints site probably the community interaction forum that was hit and likely only one particular forum threads.

Yet today Google has not replied to sprint representative about this Google penalty and I am 100% sure if they will. Obviously this continues to display how shivery and misdirected few of these Google Webmaster Tools notifications can be.

Now What step should Sprint do for their site? Likely they nofollow any links that were produced by non-official reps. Or Hire a Rameez Ramzan to dig into the detail here.

Update: I am waiting Google reply in the forum thread but they didn't reply yet.