Monday, May 20, 2013

3:48 AM

Your Rankings Drop Around May 15th? May Be Due To Link Networks Google Broken

Last Wednesday, Matt Cuts has announced on Twitter that Google taken “action on various thousand link sellers in a paid link that push PageRank network."

Link Networks Google Busted

Google did this similar activity before also. We don’t know which link network affected due to latest action. Various readers were asking me if SAPE links was hit again, but others are asking about a network named ghost. Frankly, I am not sure about this. It looks like it may be carious smaller networks.

I am confirmed about that last Wednesday (May 15th), numerous webmasters began to complain about position declines in WebmasterWorld. Here are some quotes:
Also, seeing a significant drop in ranks for a different domain I mentioned in another thread that I was using to test junk links. It's possible we could be seeing a penguin update.
I am also seeing a decent drop on the 14th which seems to be continuing today.
Complaints is still coming and going on.

I am searching out which networks were huts but I can’t look to nail it down to any particular one.

There is a forum Black Hat World, over there people are talking about it but one tell mentioned anything particular and cover outside of few guesses.

Anyone know which link network(s) were kiss by Google?