Friday, May 17, 2013

7:19 AM

The best Way To Add A Contact Form Widget To Your Sidebar In Blogger

Maybe you are lacking a certain thing? In my opinion a contact us widget is missing from your blogger blog. After the continuous changes in Blogger HTML editor and Google+ Comments for Blogger , in the past we heard a few rumors that Google is mostly about to issue its completely new Contact us widget that can be included the sidebar associated with the blog that is hosted at blogger . Nowadays Google officially made an news release that the Contact us Widget is ready can be utilized on those blogs which are managed at blogger.

The initial work you need to do is to sign-in into your blogger control panel. Now go to Your Blog >> Layout >> Add a gadget >> More >> Contact Form widget. Check out the following screenshot for a detailed guide. Once done, move to the next step.

Contact Form Blogger

Now rename the title of the widget and once everything is done press “Save” button placed at the bottom of the window.
Contact Form

The on board Contact us Widget is included with your site. Check out your site and ensure that the widget is fruitfully integrated in your sidebar.

The options that come with this widget are rather like a normal contact us form, or put simply you can say that it is virtually like suppleness at its perfect. It has several files one for the email address, the second for the name and the third is eventually for the message.

The great thing is always that this widget helps Email verification. Which means that, when somebody would likely enter an invalid email address it would present an error message such what same as the following screenshot (A valid email address is necessary).

This widget would not help captcha codes, which implies you will collect spammy emails if an individual infected your gadget by an automatic robot or other kinds of software. You may still find few bugs in the gadget, but thoroughly it is really a much needed enhancement. At this point most of the people can simply add a contact us form without even hosting it on a host. Nonetheless, if you suggest real business, then this contact us page would possibly not enable you too greatly.