Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2:32 AM


The optimal objective of a Google search algorithm update is to build up the user’s experience . Google makes over five hundreds search algorithm variations annually . Its latest algorithm , Penguin is designed for decrease search engine ranking of websites that circumvent Google’s webmaster guidelines by using black-hat SEO approaches . Penguin focuses on offsite quality , working to reduce credit when achieved through inbound links from suspect sources . Therefore the age of low quality link building is coming to an end , regardless how numerous links you purchase or how much you pay . Link building should therefore be highlighted quality over quantity . If you would like do SEO , you just have to do it more intelligent . Only SEO done the proper way will save you money over the long run . An investment in SEO signifies an investment in strategy , technology , experience and adaptability beyond that of your rivals . Hooking up with user intentions , strengthening brand value , and providing great content is a war that requires soldiers , not drones.
The High Price Of Low Cost SEO