Friday, June 7, 2013

2:09 AM

Google AdWords Now With Pictures: Picture Ad Extensions

Google Adwords Picture Ads

Why Google is increasing their search engine features every day? Is there any problem with Google developer team? Or anything else, I don’t understand yet. I am totally confused about Google and its development team. Now this time it announced that they are checking a fresh new ad extension to enable advertisers within the Google adwords product to insert pictures to their text ads.

Is there anyone shocked to hear that news? Probably not, am I right na? Why we are surprise? The search engine that congratulated them over never having pictures ads or banner ads in their Google search results. Google is trying to keep steeping nearer and nearer to that.

Naturally, It has had product advertise with picture product in the search outcomes for a long duration, even 2008, but that time, any ad has the power of displaying pictures above the ad.

Google Adwords Picture Extension

These picture ads features currently exist for English ads, but couple of week it’s available worldwide. To create an account to participate in this test, use this form.