Thursday, June 27, 2013

1:20 PM

Connecting Your AdWords & Analytics Accounts Now Easier

Google Adwords Analytics Connecting

Another good news for SEO’s, this time Google proclaimed that it’s now much simple and no difficult to link your Google Adwords control panel to your Google Analytics account.

How you do this? Just open your Google Analytic account and click on the Admin control panel. Then click Google Adwords connecting in the Account column, and then click new link icon to begin the connecting wizard. Suppose someone doesn’t have Google Analytics account then you can do similar from the Google Adwords. How? It is just simple, first open your Adwords account then go to Tools and Analysis section and clicking on Google Analytics.

  1. Google also mentioned some advantages of connecting the two accounts at one place:
  2. Importing Analytics objectives and transactions into AdWords enables online marketers to express results in powerful approaches , usually without having to retag your site
  3. Web site engagement site stats facilitate online marketers better comprehend marketing efficiency and the way to boost
  4. Remarketing with Google Analytics enables online marketers to attain new audiences
  5. Importing AdWords data files into Analytics allows online marketers understand data across numerous accounts in total and coupled with rich web site metrics
There is a video from Google on why you should implement this in your Google Analytics and Adwords accounts.