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How to Persuade Web Designing

1) Homepage

Any visitor when looking into any visuals shall have first look at the front page and if interested, would immediately click the homepage with the following questions in mind.
  1. What is this site for?
  2. Does this relate to him?
  3. Does this site offer the desired utility and value?
Therefore, homepage should have clarity to all above points since homepage attracts the highest traffic.

2) First Impression Is the Last Impression

Everyone knows that the above quote applies to all walks of life and website designing/development is no exception. People like simple pages, which offer logo on left corner top with an easy navigation and quick access link to other pages with a simple click hence make your website design very attractive to create a lasting impression.
3) Mapping of Buyer Needs

Get a proper homework done for the buyer needs whether you are targeting specific groups or common clientele and technologies are available with psychological commercial applications where you can also specifically focus on targeted clients. Make sure that your website offers a good value to the users by clearly highlighting the goods or services you offer.

4) Don’t Force For Sign Up

The reading material/contents on the website/homepage should be simplistic, impressive enough, attracting the valued targeted clientele to help create a self-desire within oneself to seek or request to sign up or register without any hard preconditions.

5) Provide Option for Call to Action

Make your visitors understand what happens when they click by linking benefits of the call to action application and empty words like “submit” should be avoided.

6) Web Copying

It is true that people generally do a survey or proper homework before buying any product or services and they traditionally compare similar looking products or services, therefore copywriting is highly important though every precaution be taken that copyright rules are not violated when copying competitors.

7) Read Your Targeted Clientele

You will never be able to sell goods, products or services if you pile up with unnecessary stuff. It is very essential to read the needs of your targeted clientele through various types of usability/split tests and surveys so that you have a fairly good idea as to what you are offering and make clear feasibility studies as to what response you expect.

8) How a Web Design Should Look?

As you know people have a variety of choices from purple to blue and the study shows that websites with high “proto-typicality” and with low visual complexity are very appealing to the public. Hence, these factors should be kept in view when innovating any design.

9) A Deep Visual Effect

We generally know what catches our eyes strongly has an immediate effect on our minds and this deep visual effect carries a lasting impression helping us in exploring further until decision-making. Therefore, a strong visual hierarchy is necessary.

10) Getting Attention at All Costs

The left side of the screen attracts close to 70% traffic therefore the images should be relevant to what products or services you are offering. In order, to conserve attention of targeted clientele at any cost, make your website effective enough especially the left side of the screen so that it gets instant attention from targeted clientele.

Final Thoughts

Since you are smart, you must have got very useful tips how to move ahead so feel free to record your comments in the space given below.

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