Friday, June 14, 2013

5:18 AM

Now this time I gonna show you iOS 7 vs iOS 6 – Full Comparison, iOS beta 1 is eventually out for iPhone developer. After too much forecasting, rumors and various concept video, Apple has eventually brought out iOS 7 to the globe at WWDC 2013, for those who don’t know WWDC is the annually worldwide developer’s event took by Apple. iOS 7 is the inspiration of Jony Ive’s idea of software design which has made iOS 7 dirty free, sharp and more dynamic. Aside from the fresh features included, the globe best mobile OS got entirely fresh design. As the quality and easiness of iOS is kept the design team has go up with a much good appearing operating system as compared to old version iOS 6. After its launched iOS 7 a kind of mingled action from the lovers, some of us loved it many don’t. But iOs 7 sure seems promising and lovers will get used to the sudden vary with time.

iOS 6 Vs iOS 7 Comparison
Frankly say, I don’t like one thing about iOS 7 beta 1 is the use of hard colors in the iOS icons and the retro kind of style they have add into like that makes it seem like windows 8, but who fear we might get a a Cydia tweak that can solve that in hereafter, that is why Jailbreak. The control center is my honey bunch part, no require installing another party app to have those often use on and off switch in one figure access. The control center does that for anyone; this was a famous Cydia tweak tool but in iOS 7 drives with it existing. In this not all Jailbreak features are now integrated into newly iOS 7 base systems, especially the Multitasking. If you know Auxo is a famous Jailbreak tweak that displays complete app view on the multitasking windows, now with iOS 7 you get a same feature but top-notch quality.

After explaining all detail, now look at some of the image shot of iOS 6 Vs iOS 7 Comparison If someone want to try out iOS 7 beta 1 you can download iOS 7 here and kindly follow the all step according and install iOS 7 Beta properly on your gadget.

iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 Side To Unlock

iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 Passcode Screen

iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 Dialer Screen

iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 Homescreen

iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 Multitasking

iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 Siri

Hence, what is your view? iOS 7 seems brushing up and beautiful as equated to iOS 6 but will the utilize of these heavy colors arise the stage of standard that Steve Jobs had laid down when he first brought out the iPhone. We do live iOS 7, do you guys love it? Leave your feedback below at disqus box and don’t forget to spread out this post. Link to us to keep update yourself with latest iOS 7 news.