Tuesday, June 4, 2013

11:41 PM

DailyMotion Video Sharing Website Logo

Why Pakistani government blocked the YouTube video sharing site? Due to religious but now another video sharing site blocked by Pakistan, that was DailyMotion. It was quite famous among teenagers in Pakistan.

One day ago, my site reader said to me that DailyMotion site has been blocked. We have also verified it by opening that site on my laptop browser but it was not opening on that time. Kindly review my screen shot below.

DailyMotion Blocked By Pakistan

I am clear about that why that website has been blocked. Therefore, we will trying to contact PTA, to get their view on it. As you know if this problem is not sorting then another wave come and the decision can be create various problems for ordinary users and for bloggers, who were uploading all their Videos at DailyMotion and YouTube. Still users are waiting for opening YouTube.

Update: 10:00 am, PST:

Few of our site readers are confirming that the DailyMotion is now accessible. But it is still not accessible with PTCL.