Friday, July 26, 2013

11:56 AM

iOS 7 Beta 4 Download Update

Apple To Launch iOS 7 Beta 4 Download Via OTA Update This Weekend

As I reported in last post that Apple has cancelled the launch of iOS Beta 4 Download update to developers couple of weeks due to its developer center security concern, after that Apple has put it’s every single human resource on the modify version of Developer Center. It is also reported that Apple is preparing for the iOS 7 Beta 4 Download push out to developers. One of our informer has said that Apple will launch the iOS 7 Beta 4 update through OTA update couple of week,, and will time lag the proper release for later on. We are listening this from the informer who has reported us in the back about the release of iOS 7 Beta 2 and Beta 3.

According to the informer, Apple developer still working on the Developer Center development to revamp their center and it’s going to take couple of week before the proper push out of each and every service. Hence, Apple will pushing out the iOS 7 Beta 4 OTA update without holding up anything in this week to developers.

Now everyone know that Apple is still struggling with Developer Center security and the back end sever system to make it more untroubled for the developers in the hereafter. The breakdown goes conventional when a security researched used iAd platform to earn access over the developer’s sore data last week. The protection breach has already pushed apple to take down the developer center instantly last week on Thursday. Hence, as everyone knows things are now returning back on path at Apple for developers. Apple will be pushing out the iOS 7 Beta 4 Download through OTA update to devices that are already using latest iOS 7 Beta.

My team and me are not verify that when Apple will roll the iOS 7 Beta 4 Download via OTA update to developers, but our core informer has claimed that OTA update will be push out this week.

If anyone wants more information regarding the iOS 7 Beta 4 Download, then you can save our iOS 7 Beta Download page for more updates.