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How To Check Backlinks of a Site?

Building traffic to a specific website assumes vital importance to gain more visitors. Building traffic is a significant aspect of any link building campaign. The greater number of backlinks, more traffic one can expect. There can be the least doubt about the fact that backlinks from one of the most influential factors and is responsible for online success as well. After the completion of a link building campaign, the automatic question that arises is how to check backlinks to my site. One must gain appropriate knowledge about the fact that there exists a necessary time delay between the generation of backlinks and the time when search engine actually digests them.

It is necessary to check backlinks in order to find out whether the link building is working as per expectation. It is necessary to check the number of backlinks pointing to a specific website. This is because most people are curious as to the exact number of backlinks a particular website has. Apart from curiosity, a few practical reasons also support the fact as why it is necessary to check backlinks. If in case, one has more than ten thousand backlinks pointing to a specific website and still is unable to gain the desired traffic then it is necessary to gain the exact knowledge as to why such a thing is happening. One can also verify whether the links have the “no follow” attribute.

Back Link Checking Tools:

The quality of the website that one link to as well as the anchor text can also be found out appropriately with the help of the back link checking tools. A few free back links-checking tools can help one to check backlinks properly. The free tools are as enlisted below:

  1. SEO Quake
  2. Backlinkwatch
  3. Yahoo Site Explorer
  4. SEOCentro
  5. Google Webmaster Tools
  6. Web Rank Toolbar
SEO Back Link Checker-Helps to Check Back Links:

Backlinkwatch is an effective online Back Link checker tool that provides an estimate about the total number of backlinks to a specific website. This effective SEO tool provides additional information. The additional information includes Page Rank of a specific website, anchor text and the number of links to a particular website as well. If one is still wondering how to check backlinks to my site then another effective tool to do so is the Web Rank Toolbar. SEO Quake is also another powerful SEO tool that helps one to determine the count of backlinks. One can also make use of Google Webmaster tools in order to determine the count of back links to a specific website. If in the case, one is still confused and wishes to check my backlinks there is another free tool available known as Yahoo Site Explorer. Another back link-checking tool one can make use of in order to check back link popularity is SEOCentro. This particular SEO tool displays information from leading search engines including Bing, Google and Yahoo.

A few of the other tools one can make use of being as highlighted below:

  1. Back link Watch’s Backlinks Checker Tool
  2. Smart Page Rank’s Page Rank Check
  3. Link Building free Website Valuation

Majestic SEO is a free SEO tool that provides detailed information about the number of links pointing to a specific website. The information provides information about the possible breakdown of sources too. This shows the five topmost backlinks connected to a specific website. Market Samurai highlights the Majestic backlinks as well as the On-page Yahoo backlinks too. Market Samurai shows the ranking pages for a specific website when one is searching for a website in significant Search Engine Google. It is advisable to launch an exhaustive online research if one hopes to check backlinks to a specific website.

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