Saturday, July 20, 2013

12:19 PM

iPhone 5 Manufacture

Actuality, I think nobody knows that how we can check the manufacture date by the phones model number? Oh yes now it’s easy by our researchers because we found that answers. Now you can check the manufacture date by Phones serial number and this is not new knowledge. I am giving you review once again to give you a sources.

Initial thing is look the serial or model number of your lovely iPhone device. Just open your Settings-General-About, you can see that 12-digit serial number, note that it is not IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity)

But Apple users a new serial number pattern beginning from iPhone 4S, 12-bit, patterns such as PPP y w SSS CCCC, which include production information and naming information.

PPP denoted to manufacturers, Y denoted to year of production (second half of 2012, code is j), W denoted to week of manufacturing (w uses the number (1-9, drop the 0) and the letter (26 letters dropped in A,B,E,I,O,U,S,Z) to present. Total of 27, which presents weeks, begining from 1, circular every six months.), SSS: denoted to unique machine ID code and last not least CCCC: is models number.

As you see the table at below, this table is the second half of 2012 production week.

iPhone 5 Manufacture Dates