Monday, July 8, 2013

10:50 PM

Marketing Gurus

If you’re a marketer and spend time scanning social media feeds and reading marketing blogs, then you've no doubt come across a number of self-titled gurus. The word “guru” has become overused. More importantly, the word is misused.

The definition of guruA spiritual teacher or intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern.

When it comes to web marketing and web content writing, there are few teachers who effectively guide their students. Many want to, but few know how to. That’s because they don’t focus on the cold, hard facts. They focus on generic insights that don’t always produce results, at least not any kind of results that are easy to replicate.

In this infographic created by the web writers at No. 2 Pen, a set of eight website content writing tips are outlined. Surely there are more than eight tips worth following when it comes to web content writing, but there’s a reason these eight were featured here.

All of these pieces of advice are backed up by numbers. Data makes it simpler for us to reach the goal. And the goal with web content is always a combination of constantly improved SEO and visitor conversion…right?

A few of the most powerful tips presented in the infographic include:

  • Write at least 300 words on a page. Don’t skimp on the good stuff.
  • Make every page of web content (including blog posts) easy to scan with pictures, subheads, and short paragraphs.
  • Tell your visitor the most important information right away, so that they don’t get bored or lost and leave your website.
  • You need to spend more time on your headlines than any other piece of web content. Headlines get read most often.
  • In order to get noticed by the search engines, you have to add new content to your site often. Let’s all give thanks for the invention of the blog.

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