Thursday, August 8, 2013

7:17 AM

Gmail Tab

Is The New Gmail Tab A Serious Threat For Email Marketing?

Every now and then Google comes up with some new update or special feature to check out. The latest feature that Google has added is the Gmail tab. The implementation of Gmail tab has got mixed response from various sectors. According to veteran marketers the Gmail tabs are going to affect email marketing in a big way. However, it’s yet not clear what impact Gmail tabs are exactly going to have on email marketing in the coming years.

What Gmail tabs are all about?

Gmail tabs help in classifying your emails in a smarter way. The tabs classify your emails into three elementary sections - Primary, social and promotions. You can add other tabs also if you want. Now, you must be wondering how does the classification matters? The mails that have been directly sent to you, the private emails and promotional ones, will not choke your inbox at the same time. You’ll be able to distinguish your emails separately and keeping a track of the essential ones will be easier.

Is Gmail tab a threat to email marketing?

According to many marketing experts, Gmail tabs may affect email marketing a bit as the promotional emails will reach up to the recipient in a different tab. On the contrary some experienced marketers feel that the Gmail tabs won’t have any direct effect on the promotional emails. Rather it’ll only keep the things properly arranged. The separate promotional tab will help users to distinguish the offers.

This is quite true that the latest feature has possibilities to impact the revenue of Google too. If people won’t go through the promotions tab, then it’s quite obvious that the revenue that Google earns from the Ads will reduce. In such a circumstance Google will change the interface automatically. So, it’s wrong to assess that Gmail tab is going to harm marketing and especially email marketing. If you’ll follow the right and effective way for promotion, then the interface will only benefit your marketing efforts.

What’s role of Gmail tabs?

The decision of classifying emails was taken to help the users in controlling their mail list. Google earns great amount of revenue from the Google Ads, so it’s quite obvious that it won’t take any step to hamper the revenue. So, Gmail tabs will ultimately help in increasing the revenue from advertisement. As a part of effective advertising, email marketing is also going to be benefited in some way. In fact, the classification can be taken as positive acknowledgment for the marketers.

What email marketers should keep in mind?

Email marketers can utilize the Gmail tabs to strengthen their web space. Of course for that reason, it’s important to keep some essential facts in mind. It’s extremely essential to maintain the naturalness. Significant mail notification is a must. Forceful promotion will do nothing for email marketers. The classification is supposed to aid only marketers who spread the right word. Spammy content may not be a good idea for sure. So, email marketers have to be more careful about the promotion.

So, it’s quite clear now that Gmail tab isn’t a difficult invention to deal with and this isn’t going to hamper the efforts of email marketers severely.