Friday, August 9, 2013

4:04 PM

There is an Australia base website Macfixit, it has posted images allegedly of the front side and digitizer manufacture for the forthcoming iPad 5.
In the new iPad 5, there is a side bezels are narrower than present generation iPad. In this it also show that there are 2 connectors instead than one and that the connectors have been varied from flat adjustable cable to adjustable printed circuits.

iPad 5 Product Description

iPad 5 Product Description

iPad 5 Additional Information's

iPad 5 Additional Informations
Have a look at the images below. Apple is rumored to be bringing out the iPad upcoming month. I think you might also be fascination in looking out this video that was published on YouTube by Japanese blog Mac Otakara and allegedly displays a next iPad with a semitransparent Apple logo and thinner edges.

Leaked iPad 5 Front Panel

Leaked iPad 5

Leaked iPad 5 Front Side

Leaked iPad 5 Front

Leaked iPad 5 Front Panel Photo