Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5:22 AM

TetraMall Online Platform

TetraMall Online Platform

As the world is becoming more and more connected, new solutions and innovations come to make transaction of any type easier all over the world.

International entrepreneurs used to be conservative about selling goods online in the Russian market. Cost barriers and other obstacles made the market harder than Europe and USA.

This is the problem founders Stanislav Svarichevsky and Anton Zeilinger addressed when starting TetraMall Global Trading System back in 2012. Since then, the way they helped business owners is very simple: they made online sales easier and quicker.

The company operates like an agent between sellers and customers, sharing the revenue generated from online sales.

TetraMall allows ecommerce sites to be started easily, so that distributors, professional manufacturers and ambitious wholesalers can use a ready made platform to start selling.

As many languages are supported in the system, it is straightforward for entrepreneurs to list items for sale via the internal form procedure, and all retail operations are speedy and efficient thanks to Hssp (high speed synchronization protocol).

There are competitors in this market space, as Tetramall is not the first platform being started. Names such as Wikimart, Molotok, Torg and Yandex Market are the main companies to operate in the sector.

What is TetraMall’s unique advantage? 


Everything lies in the power of its features. Apart from its digital interface displaying synchronised information from warehouses and effective sales coordination and inventory-cash register connection system, Tetramall stands out because of its product availability function, which helps online shoppers understand exactly what is available and what is not.

But Tetramall is more than that. The platform offers amazing organizational value via a full service package including consulting, logistics and helpdesk. In this way sellers can count on a trading system ready to operate at no extra effort.

This is why hundreds of companies are now turning to TetraMall Global Trading System to achieve better distribution, more business and customer satisfaction.

We can expect to hear more about this ambitious company, as founders state that expansion towards Europe and China has already been planned. Amazon, you’re warned!