Saturday, November 16, 2013

10:45 AM

Google Added “Page By” In Image Authorship

Google+ Image Authorship

If you guys remember, in the middle of October Google added authorship to image search in Google image. On this addition people were confuse and they didn't understanding how Google work on it. Authorship to image search was implemented to the author of the tale on the site page but the image is not belong to author.

For Instance, Google demonstrated by this image, there is a lady Juliet Eilperin who was the author but the image was not taken by Juliet Eilperin, that image taken by Mark Wilson at Getty Images.

President Obama Images Google Authorship

Now, Google has updated the authorship in images search description to particular “Page by” to ignore that misunderstanding.

President Obama Images Google Authorship Page By

We called that new improvement by Google team.