Thursday, November 21, 2013

12:49 PM

iPhone 6 Concept By Arthur Reis
iPhone 5S was released this year and that too just a few months back. But the sad part of the story for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is the fact that the news related to them is already fading away from the blocks. The main reason is the fact that Apple is already up and running with the next version of iPhone, i.e. iPhone6. According the CEO of Apple INC., Tim Cook, this next version of iPhone by Apple will be aimed at the people who wish to have iPhone but do not actually have the means to be able to buy it considering the price that iPhone has.
This statement by the CEO of Apple INC. has created many ripples in the ocean of internet and the minds of the people who are keeping a close track on the proceedings. One of the main reasons for such an hype is the fact that not a lot of people can actually buy an iPhone because of its price and thus have to turn up to some other android smart phones. According to the Apple INC., this is a measure taken by Apple in order to catch the market growth that is taken by android supported smart phones are having and thus adding to the loss in market of iPhone.

There are a lot of expectations from the next iPhone, i.e. iPhone 6 as the last two models did not actually rank up to the standards set up by the previous versions of iPhone. However, for that to happen there will have to be many changes in the next version. Speaking of changes, I did not actually find any difference in the features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S looking at the leaked images. The only difference that looked prominent is the fact that iPhone 6 will be having a bigger screen. But nothing really can be said about the internal features of the device and thus we will have to wait in order to get the knowledge.

According to the rumors, the next version of iPhone is scheduled to be launched during the spring season next year. There are a lot of question related to the iPhone6 and can only be answered when, Apple will launch the next version. Most of the iPhone fans from all over the world will be keeping a close look on the release date of iPhone 6, which might well, be coming in the market quite soon!