Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2:56 AM

iPhone Apps You Do Not Want to Skip

Other than the device and the brand name, iPhone users have many other things to enjoy on. It is not wrong to say that iPhone users enjoy the widest variety of games and applications that are available on any mobile handset. Tough, the number of applications in other platforms is also mounting up, iOS remains a clear exception. With new updates and applications launches, iPhone always remain fresh and attractive to its users. Following are some of the latest applications that would further enrich users experience with their devices.


With so much advancement in the GPR tracking system, what else one could expect? The current tracking applications tell you the exact destination where you want to reach, guide you through the passage and tells you all the nearest important places like gas stations, restaurants. The Moves application takes another step further in the GPRS tracking world as it tracks not only your location, but your position as well. Whether you are sitting, walking or driving; this all is identifiable by the application its keeps a track of your entire day activity. At the end of the day, you can log in to your application online page to view how much do you travel in the entire day and all places where you went. It is like a log of all your day’s activities. Another benefit of this application is that it helps you to remember the events and important things related to them. If you have visited a library, then seeing it on the application will help you recall things like when do you have to return the book, visit the library again and other similar things.

Google Search

Another significant iPhone app is of the Google browser for iPhone which has Google searching and browsing free to all iPhone users. Siri is the default search engine for iPhones but it is apparent that its features are limited when compared to that of the Google search engine. Most of the iPhone users were satisfied with the browser but now they don’t have to be satisfied with the limited browsing feature, when they can enjoy the complete features of the leading web browser free of cost.


Another update has been launched for Netfix, which makes the process of video uploading and streaming even faster and simpler than ever before. People always have problems with their internet connections especially when a video is streamed or downloaded from the internet. This really is annoying seeing the video taking a long time in buffering and streaming, and often kills all the fun out of it. Netfix is a powerful application that speeds up the video buffering and streaming process and helps retaining the fun of watching the video. Furthermore, the search list of the application has been redesigned to make the process of video searching easier than before. Videos are grouped with respect to the genres and this helps you to refine the search by selecting the particular genre.

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