Monday, December 23, 2013

11:28 AM

Jailbreak iOS 7 on Windows

Download Evasi0n7 for Windows

Now every single person knows that the iOS 7 Jailbreak has released for public and anyone can download it. Yesterday morning the hackers team behind iOS 7 Jailbreak development has breathtakingly released the iOS 7.0.4/7 Jailbreak in public, Evad3rs team was functioning on the iOS 7 safety to produce active jailbreak tools that enable users to perform the fresh teaks on their gadgets without any problem. The iOS7/7.0.4 Jailbreak is available to download at the time period of writing and we are glad to give you a easy tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS on your Windows.
Now you guys asking me about that tool which use for jailbreak, that tool is released under the name of “evasi0n7” and available at Evad3rs site to download. We already gathered the guide on how to use iOS jailbreak with evasi0n7 on your Microsoft Windows.

Few Thing Which Require to Jailbreak iOS 7 on Windows with evasion7

  1. Download Jailbreak tool Evasi0n 7 for windows via Official website
  2. Get your latest iOS 7.0.4 Firmware version
  3. Connect your USB cable with Windows PC or Laptop
  4. Store your device with latest iTunes to prevent data loss.

How We Do JailBreak iOS 7 With Evasi0n7 on Windows:

Step 1: I already mentioned at above paragraph about your gadgets with latest iTunes.
Step 2: Remember first you need to download evasi0n7 for Windows – from here.
Step 3: One more thing which you need to remember that you are sunning full iOS 7.0.4 on your gadget and you haven’t upgraded gadget to fresh iOS 7.0.x through OTA update/firmware
Step 4: If you are not verifying about OTA updates then restore your iPhone / iPad with iOS 7.0.4 IPSW that you downloaded from here.
Step 5: After complete you restored with iOS 7.0.4 your gadget, now link it with iTunes using a cable.
Step 6: Start evasi0n7 on Windows, and make sure that it display your linked device.

iPhone 5 worldwide is already jailbroken

Step 7: Click the Jailbreak icon!
Step 8: It will burden many files and evasi0n app on your gadget. The iOS 7 jailbreak on Windows will take some mints and might be it makes your gadget freeze for some moments.

Continue please unlock your device

Step 9: Evasi0n7 will call for you to unlock your gadget and click on Evasi0n7 app icon from your iOS device.
Step 10: Now it will restart your device few seconds. Remember that to leave it till evasi0n again asks you to open it.

Evasi0n 7 Done