Wednesday, January 22, 2014

9:00 AM

Apple’s Newest Company- PrimeSense

Apple’s Newest Company- PrimeSense

After months of rumors, Apple confirmed that has purchased PrimeSense, an Israeli company known for building 3D sensors that form the foundation of Microsoft’s Kinect. The deal closed around $350 million.

The question is that many have asked, however, is what Apple will do with PrimeSense and its world renowned technology. Apple’s notorious secrecy surrounds everything it does and this purchase is no exception. In the past, Apple has acquired companies such as AuthenTech and C3 technologies. These companies have directly impacted Apple’s roadmap and their technologies have been implemented into new products. AuthenTech, a biometric security company Apple acquired in 2012, provided the foundation for Apple to develop its Touch ID sensor, now featured in the iPhone 5s. C3 Technologies, purchased in 2011, provided the building blocks of iOS 6’s “Apple Maps” and Flyover. Apple also purchased Siri in 2010 and initially released it on the iPhone 4S in October of 2011.

When questioned, Apple responded explaining that it “buys technology companies from time to time, and we do not generally discuss our purposes or plans.” That’s the same excuse they’ve given many times in the past.

The most obvious explanation could be that Apple is looking to implement PrimeSense’s technologies into the much rumored Apple TV. The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hinted at Apple’s plans for a TV in his official biography claiming that the Apple TV would feature “the simplest user interface you could imagine.” What’s simpler than your hands and arms? Additionally, Apple is also rumored to integrate Siri with the Apple TV. Motion seniors coupled with Siri could provide for an awesome user experience.

Based on the timing between Apple’s purchases and subsequent product releases, one could assume that if Apple does integrate this technology into the rumored Apple TV, it would be released sometime late next year. However, recent reports have indicated that Apple’s TV might not be ready until 2015.

It is likely that Apple will open an API and app store to developers, allowing for Apple TV-designed apps. Such apps could utilize PrimeSense’s technologies and pave the road for a next generation of games.

Most interestingly, however, could be PrimeSense's impact on companies and educational institutions. Rumors have circulated that Apple is also looking to implement these technologies into its iPhone lineup. Such technologies could have a profound impact on businesses as apps could become optimized for the new technology.

Apple’s purchase was not a shocker given that this acquisition has been rumored for months. Nevertheless, we eagerly anticipate what Apple will do with these new technologies.