Thursday, January 9, 2014

12:56 AM

Outsourcing a Web Designer

Outsourcing a Web Designer

As the main man running your business, you are not really expected to know every bit of skill needed to get your website up and rocking in an instant. While you manage your company’s core functions, you should delegate other tasks such as web designing or web development to an expert.

Having a cool business website is extremely important nowadays as most consumers today are using the power of the internet and their fingertips to get what they want and what they need.

Hiring a rock-star web designer can ensure that your website will be in the limelight as how you envisioned it and, at the same time, will still be a head turner and be a fully responsive web design if browsed using mobile. It will also give your business a new platform to interact or reach out to your target market and eventually establish trust.

Now, did you know that you could hire a web developer and spend less?

You could actually outsource web designers with ease instead of hiring in-house ones. It is will cost you less without really sacrificing the results.

If you're on board and consider outsourcing a web designer, let me give you some points to remember when outsourcing one and getting through the whole process.

Look for a reputable outsourcing company

You should search for a trusted and reliable outsourcing company to help you look for a suitable and skilled web designer your business will need. Try looking and searching through forums or better yet, ask your friends who have experienced outsourcing staff. An outsourcing company is definitely a better choice compared to outsourcing platforms as they usually have schemes to assure you of the staff’s reliability unlike other websites.

When you're on the hunt for a company or a website to outsource your staff, it’s best to look for companies which offer technology for you to monitor your staff’s progress or attendance. Also see to it that the company can assist you well if ever there will and conflict between you and your staff. This way, you can avoid wasting any money that you will invest the company.

Be crucial when choosing for candidates

When you’re finally looking for candidates for your staff pool, always be keen in looking into their portfolio and past projects. Ask for their previous projects with other clients so you will be knowledgeable about how they work. Also remember that the first promising candidate you will meet should always not be the last choice at once. Try to review other candidates as well. You just might find the most suitable candidate after a few more screenings.

Envision what you’re website would look like

After choosing your web designer(s), you should conceptualize the look your website you want it to have. You must be clear with the idea that you will relay to your offshore staff to avoid confusion between the two of you. Also, be sure that your idea for the website is consistent with your company’s colors, business card and other collateral's’ designs to be able to have a coherent identity for your company.

Try to imagine how the website should feel like at first sight, what the website visitors should see on the website and how you want the probable clients to respond to your website. This way, you will imagine how your website visitors will navigate through your website. You may even use another website as an inspiration and a concrete example of your idea.

However, always put into consideration your web designer’s comments and suggestions. After all, he is the expert and he just might know what could work and what may not. A harmonized working environment between you and your staff will ensure a better result.

Check your competitors’ websites

Try to visit your competitor’s websites and examine it carefully. Look at the functionality and process of navigation's. While you’re at it, try to see what could be improved or what you could replicate effectively, this is to avoid committing the same mistakes and to enhance other aspects of the website as well.

Do this and take this advice carefully because you might end up copying your competitor’s website. Just use the other website’s to identify mistakes so you could avoid them and identify good points which you could enhance for own website’s use.

Set a deadline for your outsourced web designer

Of course, projects should have deadline that must be met. So, give your Web designer a deadline and a timeline to meet but remember to set an achievable goal for your staff.

Always remember to maintain a constant communication with your staffs so you could update their improvements and see what could still be improved. Contacting your staff on a regular basis will help you align the project better towards what you really intend it to be.

Outsourcing a web designer will really be less expensive compared to in-house staffs but not knowing how to do it properly might cause more problems in the end. So be mindful of these pointers to make your outsourcing experience a good one.