Wednesday, January 15, 2014

10:47 PM

Technique For Characterizing Different Versions of Same Track

One frustrating tasks that people can encounter is how to characterize different versions of the same track. Many people face the struggle of going throughout their entire music collection manually in order to figure out what music files appear more than once in their music library. Once you have done your best to go through each song file and sort out and delete the song file duplicates, it is very frustrating to find out that you missed a couple songs. This could be a hassle especially if your music collection contains thousands of music files.

Here are a few techniques that could help you out with characterizing different versions of the same track. It could make organizing your music collection much more easier and a less frustrating task.

What are the different software programs to use?

There are quite a few music organizer software programs available to download. Here are a few that could be great to try out:

TuneUp Media: - One of the best music clean up software programs for iTunes is surely TuneUp Media. It could help remove different versions of the same track without having to hassle you with doing the task manually.

iDupe:- Another free music organizer program is iDupe. It could also clean up duplicate files in your music library.

iTunes Duplicate Song Manager :- This is a ground breaking software program that could also remove duplicate files in your music library. It is compatible with iTunes and makes the job easier for its users.

Mole Clone Remover :- This program works well for users that need help with music organization. Although it is not free like the other programs, it is one of the popular programs to use. It surely gets the job done.

Rinse My Music: - This is another popular tool for deleting duplicate song tracks in your music library. It utilizes the internet for the program to work.

Why is it necessary to identify the same track with different versions?

The main reason why it is important to identify the same track with different versions is to organize your music library. If you do not find out what those song tracks are within your music collection it will eventually pile up and create a bigger mess.

Be in control

If you think that these software programs will not give you the control with your music collection, you are completely wrong. All the music organizer programs will give you the choice to retain or delete the song tracks that are the same with different versions. It will virtually identify all the tracks that are the same but with different versions and you will have the power to choose what you want to do with those files. The main goal of the software programs is to make it easier for its users to manage and organize their music library.

Make it a breeze when it comes to organizing your music tracks. Try out the helpful techniques for characterizing different versions of the same track so that you can save yourself the time and frustration when it comes to music organization. Be smart and get help so that this task will not be a hassle for you to undergo. Make it enjoyable and worth the time you put in so that the job is done.