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Merchants Opting For Web Hosting

Merchants Opting For Web Hosting

Web hosting has become an important marketing tool for all sorts of businesses. Most of the times, merchants come from non –technical backgrounds and hence have no idea what the right decisions with regard to hosting your website ought to be. These merchants end up getting in trouble on account of bad decisions. Here is a list of the top five mistakes made in the business.

Not planning ahead for the year

For people seriously interested in marketing their wares through websites, it is important to plan for the future. Remember that with time, your website will grow in size. Also remember that with better publicity, you will experience a rise in the number of visitors and might hence require higher bandwidth. If you choose only the smallest of resources for your website, chances are that in a few months, you might run out of them and have to make a new investment on your website, thereby losing a great deal of money.

Not choosing the correct package

It would be a mistake to not estimate the amount of data you would need in the near future and the amount of bandwidth you would deem suitable. This is because without estimates you run the risk of buying too much or too little resources. Resources cost money in web hosting.

Not checking up on the features offered

With several web hosting services springing up on the internet regularly, it is important to make sure of a handful of things before you invest. First, make sure that the company you are dealing with is in fact, real. This can be done by looking for reviews. Then, compare the package you are being offered with similar packages offered by competitors to ensure you are being offered your value for money. Make sure the domain you are being offered is protected and that you have adequate customer service.

Not updating to the most recent software

In the land of online trade, time moves fast. If you bought your web hosting package six months ago and have not updated your hosting software since, then chances are that your website is not doing at its best as you read this. New software like ASP.NET or Win 2.0 comes up frequently. More frequent are their upgrades and service packs. Making sure you have the latest version is crucial to hassle free website hosting Australia.

Not keeping track of your website’s progress

Many merchants get complacent once their website is up and running and judge the benefits directly by counting their profits. This is not always the ideal way to go about things. Every paid web hosting service provides the client with a control panel that shows the amount of data consumed, the average bandwidth utilized in any given amount of time, and the number of users that have visited your website. It is important for a merchant to monitor these numbers and work on improving them over time, by adequate affiliate marketing, search engine optimization or other means.

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