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Optimizing Your Website Isn’t about Quantity
In the process of optimizing a website, one might think that you should just post article after article until you hit some arbitrary goal. On the contrary, each piece of content needs to have its own purpose within the overall structure of the website. Releasing content for the sake of releasing content will lead to a lot of material that few people are going to read making its appearance on your website. The average internet audience will only read a handful of articles every day. Overwhelming them with a large amount of articles will result in them just picking the ones that are the most interesting. The remaining articles might have a chance at getting decent web traffic over time; however, they won’t get anywhere near the amount of page views they would have received had they been released gradually. A good rule of thumb would be to dispense the articles at a pace of three per day: one for the morning, one for the afternoon, and another in the evening. This pace would allow each part of the viewing audience to have an equal chance at viewing each article. The most important thing, above all else, is that they’re of a high level of quality.

Choosing to Never Sacrifice Quality

Everyone associated with your website needs to remain on the same page. You should find a group of writers that’s capable of fitting within a comprehensive image. Your quality control measures have to be thorough in every sense of the word. It’s hard for an individual writer to have a sense of what they’re writing, especially if they have been doing it for an extensive period of time. Most writers are biased towards their own materials, which makes it hard for them to see any mistakes. Another group of writers is unable to take constructive criticism. This way of thinking increases the likelihood that what they release will fail to incorporate any feedback given by the editors. You should not have writers like this on your team. If you do, you will find that the overall level of quality on your website will suffer. At the head of your team, you need to have an individual that’s able to manage all of the occasionally unreasonable personalities on a writing team. Their efforts will determine whether the website will proceed into the future without any disruptions to its overall level of growth. It’s wise to minimize the amount of managers attached to a website as it has a tendency to complicate operations.

Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

Keeping in the good graces of the search engines is a challenge for a lot of websites. They believe that they have to do whatever it takes to make their website get into the top spot, even if it means that they have to sacrifice any measure of goodwill they have with the search engines. The approach of getting to the top by any means necessary might have worked in the past, but it’s not going to get you anywhere anymore. The search engines have come up with ways to eliminate any of the pretenders from their search results. Their algorithms have almost made it impossible for the content creators to have any control over where their websites will rank. The main thing that every website should shoot for is to produce excellent content that their visitors will want to share. The word of mouth promotion that can be received through people posting links on their social media profiles or blogs has the potential to make all the difference in the world. A website has to focus on what they do best rather than what they think that their visitors want them to do. Eventually, if the rate of production stays steady, the page views will come in no time at all.

Understanding Why Quantity over Quality is a Bad Thing

The production of content for a website is an unusual in this day and age. No longer can you just release anything that you have come up with and hope that it will become a success. Each piece of content needs to be thought through to the point where every possible detail has been thoroughly scrutinized. The attention to detail that you devote to the content of your website can’t be so profound that you suddenly are unable to release content in a timely manner. It also can’t be so lackadaisical that you let stuff slip through the cracks that’s less than exceptional. Your content production process should allow for at least three pieces of content to be released every day, depending on your readership. Additional articles can be written as long as they’re set up to be released at a later date. Most websites allow for you to schedule articles for a considerably lengthy period of time. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of articles in the can as long as they’re well-written. Sending too many articles into the internet landscape will only cause confusion.

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